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Every angler should enjoy a fly fishing float trip with our veteran Green River fly fishing guides. The fly fishing on the Green River below Flaming Gorge dam in northeastern Utah is unparalleled. Great hatches, gin clear water, a huge population of large trout, and consistent water temperatures make the Green River a world class year round destination for fly fishers from all over the world.

Trout Bum 2's experienced fly fishing guides can lead you to the fish on a float trip down this incredible trout paradise. The scenery alone is worth the guide trip! Simply contact us or fill out the fly fishing green river fly fishing guide request form.

The Green River is divided into three section that each offer their own unique experience andd great fly fishing: A, B and C sections. Each one of these section can be floated in one day and range in length from 7 to 13 miles.

Green River Fly Fishing - Section A

The first 7 miles below Flaming Gorge dam, the A section, is one of the West's top trout fisheries, and one of the most popular. The largest population of fish is found in the A section, and as a result the largest population of fly fishing anglers. The river winds its way through dramatic Red Canyon here and holds incredible numbers of fish that flourish in the river's spring creek-like setting. The A section of the Green is limited to day use only, camping is not allowed.

Green River Fly Fishing - Section B

The next 9 miles of the Green River, called the B section is dominated by larger browns and hybrid cutthroat/rainbows. Although there are fewer numbers of fish, the population is still quite large until Red Creek enters the river approximately 4 miles below Little Hole. This section eventually leaves Red Canyon behind and moves into Brown's Park. Camping is plentiful on the B section in numerous forest service maintained campsites.

Green River Fly Fishing - Section C

Section C of the Green River continues for more than 12 miles as it winds its way through the high desert plateaus of outlaw country. There are several boat ramps on this section so floats of various lengths are possible. This section of the Green river sees far less pressure, but fishing can be much less consistent than on upper sections. It can range from epic dry fly action for huge wild fish to muddy unfishable conditions when Red Creek, a flash flood tributary, is running.

We are in constant contact with our guides who are on the water daily making their living on the Green River. They keep us informed of the latest Green River conditions. If you would like an update on conditions check out our Green River Fly Fishing Report or e mail us.

Fly fish the Green River in combination with the L.C. Ranch and/or our Local Streams including the Provo River for a true taste of what Utah fly fishing is all about.

Trout Bum 2 is an Ashley National Forest permittee authorized on the Green River in Utah to conduct fly fishing guide service

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