Finding peace and reconnecting with nature is one of the main reasons that people take up fishing. Few experiences are Catch and Releasemore soothing to the soul. The feel of water rushing around the body, the sights and sounds of the surrounding eco-system, the thrill of the catch, and the joy watching the fish swim away are reasons why catch and release fly fishing continues to grow in popularity.

Spending time in the great outdoors is an excellent way to counter information overload and get a little time to think. Great clarity of mind can be found while marveling at nature and indulging the instinct to hunt and gather.


Why Catch and Release Fly Fishing?

Besides the obvious benefits for mind, body, and soul, fly fishing is in balance with nature. Well, at least it has virtually no negative impact. When properly executed, the fish swims away unharmed and the fisher gets the thrill of the catch. It is a win-win situation, and is contributing to the resurgence of fish populations across the country.

Fish are an integral part of the eco-system. As a ‘middle-man’ in the food chain, fish help to ensure that water is nutrient-rich, algae growth is controlled, and predators are fed. Healthy fish populations are critical to the ecosystem. Catch and release fly fishing is the perfect way to interact with nature without hurting a thing.


Catch and Release Fly Fishing Tips

Catch and release is an art and a skill, requiring care to avoid damaging the catch. Here are some tips to ensure the sport is fun, relaxing, and harmless to the environment:

  • Match the tackle to the species to reduce strain on the fish. Every species of fish is different. Using gear that is too small will cause the poor fish exhaustion and reduce its chances of survival. Fishing suppliers will happily recommend appropriate tackle for the desired catch.
  • Handle the fish with care. Gingerly handle the fish with wet hands to avoid damaging its scales. Use a net to avoid dropping on the ground or in the boat. Always avoid touching the gills as this can lead to suffocation.
  • Use the right catch and release fly fishing tools. Dehooking devices, barbless hooks, and nets are essential tools for the sport.
  • Revive the fish when it does not easily swim away. When a fish has put up a good fight or been out of water too long it can get winded. Revive it by holding it gently by its tail while supporting the stomach and move it forward and backwards in the water to fill its gills with fresh air. Once it starts to wiggle, let it go.
  • Take pictures. A picture is the ultimate prize for this sport. Have a camera handy so that it is easy and fast to capture a snapshot of the beautiful catch before releasing it back to the water.
  • Enjoy Mother Nature’s splendor. The other prize of fly fishing is being in the great outdoors! Take time to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and feel your stress melt away.

Catch and release fly fishing is an excellent excuse to escape daily life and enjoy the outdoors. Spending time in a beautiful setting is therapeutic to body, soul, and mind. Catch and release allows the opportunity to get hands-on with nature without hurting anything.

As modern life becomes increasingly complicated and unhealthy, fly fishing is emerging as a favorite way to relieve stress by reconnecting with nature.