Why Book Your Green River Guide With Trout Bum 2?

There are many choices when booking a green riverfly fishing guide, so why choose us? The
primary reason is that we have some of the best and most experienced guides on the Green River.

Woman Fly Fishing Trophy Green River Brown TroutWe operate a smaller, but very experienced Green River fly fishing guide service to ensure that you have the best possible trip. Instead of aiming at maximizing the quantity of boats on the water every day, we choose to keep our numbers smaller in order to focus on a quality trip for you. Shop owner, Chad Jaques is a long time Green River fly fishing guide with 30 years of experience guiding on the Green river and he personally guides many of the trips himself. His experience allows him to hand pick a staff of Green River guides with a critical eye. As a result, you can be sure you will be in the very capable hands of some of the best fly fishing guides on the Green River who know the river intimately and are dialed into what is going on. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it, read some of our testimonials and reviews from TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google and Facebook.



About the Green River Fishery

Every angler should experience the fly fishing on the Green River below Flaming Gorge dam at least once, if not many times in his or her life! There’s a reason it’s included in the book, 50 Places To Fly Fish Before You Die and countless other books, articles and films. Prolific hatches, gin clear water, a huge population of large trout, and consistent water temperatures make the Green River a world-class year round destination for fly fishers from all over the world. The fishing on this amazing river is something you have to experience to understand, not to mention the incredible scenery that

alone is worth the guide trip!

Fly fishing guide trips on the Green River take place on one of three sections that the river is divided into (A, B or C section), each offering quite different experiences and fly fishing scenarios. The sections can be floated in one day and range in length from 7 to 13 miles. In some cases two of the sections are floated in one day to maximize certain hatch opportunities, covering more water and avoiding river traffic.

Green River Section A

The A Section of the Green consists of the first 7 miles below Flaming Gorge dam, beginning immediately below Flaming Gorge Dam and terminating at Little Hole. This section is largely responsible for the reputation the Green has as one of the West’s top trout fisheries. This results from the huge population of trout the river holds here numbering around 8,000 to 14,000 fish per mile and the easy access it affords. This section holds majority wild brown trout, good numbers of rainbow trout, some cutthroat trout and a rare brook trout. There are paved roads and parking areas with access at both Flaming Gorge dam and Little Hole 7 miles below with a well-maintained trail system meandering the entire length. As a result of this reputation and the easier, major access points, it is by far the most popular section of the river. However, there are ways to avoid the crowds during the busy seasons by fishing early or late in the day or floating two sections in one day.

The A section is composed of very deep pools and riffles in the upper half and steeper gradient riffles and rapids in the lower half as it winds its way through dramatic Red Canyon with 500 foot cliffs towering overhead. The A section of the Green is limited to day use only, and camping is not allowed.


Green River Section B

The B Section of the Green consists of the 9 miles of the Green River immediately below the A Section, beginning at Little Hole and terminating at Indian Crossing in Brown’s Park.

This section is actually quite diverse with the upper half a completely different fishery than the lower half. The upper half is like an extension of lower section A with riffles and pools and large trout populations. Brown trout dominate this section although good numbers of rainbows are still to be found throughout. The lower half of section B is very different as a result of sediment and flows that are introduced by Red Creek, a tributary that drains a large high mountain desert area to the northeast of the river.

Because of the influence of Red Creek, some days you will spend most of your fishing time above the confluence while other times when it is clear you may spend more time below. When the conditions are right, the river below Red Creek can rival any 

of the rest of the river. Camping is permitted below Little Hole and is plentiful on the B section in numerous forest service maintained campsites that you must reserve on a first come-first served basis. We offer all inclusive overnight camping trips on this section if you want to truly experience the river in all of its glory.

Green River Section C

Section C of the Green River consists of the remaining 12 miles or so from Indian Crossing downstream to Swallow Canyon. There are a few remaining miles of river prior to the Colorado border beyond Swallow Canyon, but fishing is mostly focused above that point.

C section leaves the canyon behind and flows through wide open Browns Park winding its way slowly through the high desert plateaus of outlaw country until the last 3 or 4 miles through Swallow Canyon. There are several boat ramps on this section and the road runs parallel to the river so floats of various lengths are possible. This section of the Green river sees far less pressure, as a result of more driving time to reach and less consistent fishing but it can rival the fishing on the rest of the river if you hit it right. The population of fish is significantly lower on C section with mostly Browns and an occasional Rainbow thrown in.

The river on this section is characterized by long slow stretches with broad lengthy riffles in between with the fish concentrated in the riffles and areas with structure. Camping is permitted throughout this section and all of the campsites are accessible by vehicle as well as boat. In addition there are fully developed campgrounds at Taylor’s Flat Bridge and Indian Crossing.

More Green River Info

We are in constant contact with our guides who are on the water daily making their living on the Green River. They keep us informed of the latest Green River conditions. If you would like an update on conditions check out our Green River fishing report or contact us.

Fly fish the Green River in combination with any of our other locations like the Weber River or Uinta Basin small streams only 2 hours away, or the Provo River for a true taste of what Utah fly fishing is all about.

Trout Bum 2 is an Ashley National Forest permittee authorized on the Green River in Utah to conduct fly fishing guide service