Trout Bum 2 holds space on the coveted Dean River in British Columbia during prime steelhead time. The Dean River Steelhead are legendary and known worldwide for their spectacular strength and beauty. Dean River Steelhead are thought to be one of the hardest fighting races of Steelhead in the world. Space in the few lodges that are on the river is very rarely available and anglers wait years for a chance to fish for these magnificent fish. Take advantage of this incredibly unique opportunity before it is gone!

The venue, BC West is a remote fly fishing lodge located on the lower Dean River, the first entry point for the Dean River Steelhead as they leave the ocean. The lodge faces the Dean Channel, in the shadow of Kimsquit Peak and within earshot of the Dean River canyon. The lodge and cabins are nestled in the woods of the Dean River delta. Stunning views of Kimsquit peak are had right from the courtyard, and accessing the Dean itself requires just a 10-minute walk through the trees.

BC West has a unique fishing program targeted towards experienced anglers and combines fully-guided and self-guided fishing, as well as fishing both above and below the Dean River ‘falls’. Below the falls, guests fish long, broad runs that stretch literally to the mouth of the river. In this lower section of river, fish are continually moving from the salt to their spawning grounds upriver- each run is constantly being replenished with hot fish, fresh from the ocean. Above the falls lies the classic ‘holding water’- a smaller, more intimate river that rewards classic techniques for targeting holding fish.

Days on the Dean River at BC West start early, with a quick breakfast and a short trip to the river- anglers start fishing soon after dawn. At mid-day, guests return to the lodge for the main meal- a great chance to relax, share stories from the morning and enjoy a few hours of downtime before the evening fishing session, which starts in the late afternoon and runs until dusk. After the evening fishing session, appetizers are served in our clubhouse. Some relaxing conversation typically wraps up the very long fishing day, and guests retire to their cabins in anticipation of doing it all again tomorrow!

Guests sleep in comfortable, wood-heated cabins. The clubhouse provides a comfortable spot for relaxing, unwinding after a day’s fishing, and enjoying the evening meal. The lodge offers a drying room that provides a place to hang waders and raincoats, and the hot showers are down-right luxurious. Meals combine fresh local ingredients, careful expert preparation, creative presentation and a great selection of wines. Known among well traveled anglers, their food is without peer in the world of destination fishing.

Price: $5,900-$6,400 (Depending on week)**

**Includes 7 nights, 6 full days and 1 half day of fly fishing on the Dean River, all meals, lodging, flies, beer and wine, Dean River Classified waters permit, GST, and a charter flight from Bella Coola to the lodge. **Additional costs include travel to and from Bella Coola, gratuities, license & steelhead tag**

For more information on fly fishing the Dean River at BC West Lodge and the fishing Contact Us.