American Angler MagazineFly fishing is a sport that takes time, dedication, practice and patience to develop your technique. Fly fishing magazines can help you improve your angling skills while also keeping you entertained with impressive photography and interesting articles.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of fly fishing magazines for your convenience:


Fly Fisherman

Fly Fisherman Magazine is a member of the InterMedia Outdoors network, which includes other popular sporting magazines such as Game & Fish and Guns & Ammo. This magazine is one of the most well-known fly fishing magazines available. Not only do they offer articles designed to inform the reader about the latest news in the fly fishing world, they also have interviews and stories about celebrities and their experiences with fly fishing.

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Fly Rod & Reel

Since 2000, Fly Rod & Reel magazine has provided in-depth fly fishing equipment reviews, travel information and sporting tips that reflect the fly fisherman’s way of life. This print magazine also focuses on the fish themselves, their habitat, and what tackle is best for each situation.

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Eastern Fly Fishing

This bimonthly publication contains informative articles and information pertaining to fly fishing in the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada. Their in-depth articles range from angling techniques to maps and hatch charts. They also promote conservation, tips from professional anglers and step-by-step detailed instructions on fly tying. Eastern Fly Fishing magazine is available in print publication as well as digital download.

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Northwest Fly Fishing

Northwest Fly Fishing magazine contains everything you ever wanted to know about Northwest fly fishing. Their magazine is filled with informative articles focused on fly fishing in the great states of Northern California, Montana, Idaho, Washing, Oregon, Wyoming as well as British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory and Alaska.

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Southwest Fly Fishing

For fly fishing anglers living in the Southwest area of the United States, Southwest Fly Fishing magazine is your best option for local destinations, fishing equipment reviews and useful articles aimed at increasing your knowledge of the sport. This print magazine subscription consists of six issues per year.

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Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

If you’re interested in fly fishing in saltwater, this print publication is your complete source for everything combining fly fishing and the ocean. This magazine is aimed at anglers looking for new fly fishing destinations and frontiers—to those who want to broaden their fishing experiences. Each issue is chock full of stunning photography, expert techniques and all the latest information on fly fishing equipment. Their articles are written by and for saltwater fly fishing anglers and are published bimonthly.

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American Angler

Tagged as the fly fishing authority, American Angler has a circulation of about 35,000 fisherman and provides how-to info for those looking to expand on their sport. Articles are written by laymen and well-known experts to provide a wide array of fly fishing topics that cover every technique, fish species and region. This print publication first came out as a quarterly newsletter in 1978 called Fly Tyer and went through several owners, editors and name changes before becoming what it is today.

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Other Publications

The Drake Magazine. For those who fish.

Catch Magazine. Official journal of fly fishing photography & film.

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